In 2016 our family moved from a big city in England to the magical mountains of Andalucía, Spain, settling in a small farm surrounded by olive and fruit trees. It was here I began my healing journey and unlocked my creativity. 

The creation of Lunita Loca…

The name came to me while I was playing a Spanish song on the guitar. La Lunita was in the lyrics and it stood out to me. I’ve always been so enchanted by the moon ever since I was little. 

When I looked back through all of my artwork I saw that pretty much every picture had the moon in it. Crazy coincidence?

And now for the loca part! 

In Spring 2022 on a new moon I was stung by a scorpion  and while it was a terribly painful experience, it gave me a new lease of life, energy, creative passion and a little extra crazy!

After the sting I went 100% onto my creative path with a new direction, confidence and inspiration. There was no looking back.

Who would have thought that the scorpion venom was actually the medicine I really needed??!!

Lunita Loca (crazy little moon) was born. 

Thank you all for your support, it does mean so much to me to connect with you all in this way ❤️

Photograph by Lizzie Woolfenden